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What's Been Said 

“l am eager to share this picture book because of how it effortlessly highlights Muslim voices without playing into the theme of trauma storytelling. Our main character Jaysh wasn’t bullied or pressured into wearing his Kufi. As a young boy, he took the initiative to find the perfect Kufi as he wanted to make sure that he could proudly identify as a Muslim. I love this approach because it does not limit the muslim experience to one of trauma. Instead it shows how multifaceted our experiences are and leaves the reader feeling empowered.


 What initially caught my interest was how the story followed a boy who was grappling with his lack of visibility as a Muslim. This was the first time I witnessed a young Muslim boy being forced to sit with the question of, “how are you representing Islam?”. It was a simple question that had a strong impact on both Jaysh and I. 


Growing up, I didn’t see the men in my life have candid conversations about their struggles with their lack of visibility as Muslims. I understand that although I didn’t hear those conversations that doesn’t mean they weren’t being had. I appreciate this book because it lets the reader into this conversation. It was refreshing to see a book that centers a young boy’s struggle with outwardly displaying his Islam. Young boys should have the space and guidance to navigate these discussion and I think this book provides that. 


I think this book is a great tool for parents who want to raise proud Muslim sons. It’s also a great guide for anyone who wants to create spaces for young Muslim boys to freely have these conversations, as they deserve.”

​​Maryan Liban - MaryanList

"My son loves your book. We read it EVERY night."

Umm Zakiriya

The newly released book titled “ My Kufi” by Adil Ismaaeel, illustrated by Yaqiyn Abdul-Zahir is an Excellent addition to Everyone’s Home Library. It is a creatively written fictional memoir of a young Muslim’s settling of self.

This beautifully illustrated reader friendly children’s book is truly welcomed. It chronicles the enchanting journey of the seating of oneself. It warmly treks the common humanistic pathways of our lives. 

“My Kufi”, celebrates the comforting spirit of identity affirmation. It will be like a big smiley hug to readers near and far. Bravo🌟🌟🌟

Dr. Suad Lawrence Islam

“My Kufi checks boxes that are usually left unchecked when it comes to literature for our Muslim children. It checks off those boxes that are often forgotten, ignored, or neglected. 


This masterpiece opens up further dialogue for families. It serves a few great purposes and teaches a beautiful lesson. The way the story is told matters; Adil Ismaaeel does it in a way that is positive and showcases growth for the character versus the story being told from a negative or dramatic standpoint. We see a young Muslim boy being uplifted and not put down. We also witness the main character having open conversations with his parents. It is lovely to see the way they guided him and the way he was encouraged to use critical thinking.”

-Nikayla B.

“The Muslim world map gave us an opportunity to discuss the unique kufis across the Muslim majority continents. We will definitely use this book as an educational resource while studying continents in our homeschool, In’Shaa Allah. Ideal book to build confidence in Muslim kids about their unique clothing. It has many Arabic terms and Muslim manners as well.”

-Umm Ubaidullah, Educator & Book Reviewer

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