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This concept is a spin-off of a popular idea in urban culture known as, "Secure The Bag". Many spend their time working extremely hard to secure their "bag" or to secure themselves financially, but often neglect the most important thing that one should strive to secure, which is their Akhira (after life). 


By devoting one’s self to securing their Deen, one is able to ensure a safe space in the after life, the life that matters the most. This is not to say that one should leave off securing one’s finances, as securing one’s finances and being self-sufficient is also part of securing one’s Deen! 


This concept is an encouragement to strive to develop one's Deen and is an opportunity to inspire others to also secure their Deen, even providing some ways in which one can achieve this. By wearing this piece, you also contribute to our community striving towards what's most important and what creates a sustainable environment, serving as a walking reminder to one another.


The back displays a list of simple yet powerful actions one can put into practice that will allow them to maintain a healthy dose of the Deen in their life and includes some of the most important components of the Deen that create sustainability in life!


Secure The Bag(DEEN) Hoodie

  • This product will be shipped within 10-14 days from time of order being placed

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